What are Benefits of Open Access?

Fast and easy access to information:
Through Open Access the readers/learners can gather information to relevant topics very easily and in very short span of time.  Also it gives more better and accurate information to the readers.
More Publicity:
Open Access brings new audiences to scholarly content, helping expand readership.
Open access lower the pressure on library expenses for purchasing books and journals and enables librarians to devote more time to connecting their users with high quality content.
Cheapest mean of spreading and gathering information:
If we have a look into the past, publishing of scientific manuscripts was expensive, but because of open access now one can distribute his/her article widely through Journals and other publications.
Increased readership
For authors, publishing open access rather than behind a paywall can help open up their research to a wider audience. In an era where the number of articles being published is skyrocketing, open access can assist an article to be easier to search online. And ultimately, an increased number of readers can convert into higher number of extraction or quotations for the author.

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