What is Camera Ready Copy?

Camera ready copy refers to the final prepared copy by the author before publishing it.   Before publishing or submitting the research paper, preparing a camera ready copy is must.  It is the final draft prepared by the researcher/ author before publishing.
It can be prepared or typed in various formats like MS Word, Power point, EPS, TIFF and latex etc.  But the most common procedure for preparing and submitting camera ready copy is to type the matter in the MS word first and then convert into PDF.  The A4 format is widely used for typing the paper before preparing camera ready.
Contents for preparing camera ready:
While preparing camera ready copy following contents should be taken into account in order to have good presentable camera ready copy and also which is not complicated and easy to understand and read.
1) Paper Title:
In the beginning, the paper title should be clearly mentioned.  The theme of the research should be clearly described in one sentence.  Sub-title can be also typed after the Paper title if needed for elaboration of the topic.
2) Abstract:
After the paper title an abstract should be written or typed.  An abstract is the summary of the whole research paper or article.
3) Keywords:
Keywords should contain the main commands and parameters of the research paper in brief.
4) Introduction:
The introduction contains the subject, scope and parameters of the research topic.
5) Figures/Tables and Equations:
For more elaboration and explanations the author can take the help of Figures, graphs and diagrams.  Equations are also necessary in many of the researches for explaining the outcome and results of the research.
6) References:
In the ending the references should be mentioned from where the ideas, knowledge and information have been taken for doing the research.

After typing the whole contents and matter the camera ready copy should be read twice by the author and also by the co-authors or research team who have contributed their efforts in the research.  In almost all the research publications the camera copy are accepted in electronic version.  Mostly it is submitted in the PDF format.  If mandatory, all the above contents should be typed and prepared as per the paper format provided by the publisher.


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